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... All of a sudden Tango arouse in my life by chance and disguised, but as times goes by, I sensitively understand the strong bonds that connects me to this genreā€¦ such bonds that neither were inherited nor were childhood memories.

Tango gave sense to my need of intimate expression, it means singing and acting, and both at once, it is also a mixture between technical discipline and freedom of interpretation to the seek of a well-balanced virtuosity and pertness.

I got in love with Tango little by little, and It was a witness of the metamorphosis of the woman I have become... j.

WHY TANGO? I choose TANGO because it wakes me up, it seduces me, it embraces me, it makes me fall and rise, it breaks me into pieces and then it rebuilds me . It makes me reach to every shady and bright side of myself, my soul and my heart. Thanks to Tango I feel closer to my ancestors and to those who have once walked along Buenos Aires ancient floor tiles. The same streets I walk nowadays and it makes me tremble deep inside when listening to each chord, note, phrase and lyric.

I would like to thank my teachers for guiding me along this journey. Special thanks to the musicians, who've i've shared the stage with throughout every concert and learnt so much from. Thanks to my beautiful family who are always close to my heart.

Eleonora Barletta